Soo Yeah is a team of skilled designers specialising in branding, art direction and motion. We work hard to understand your challenges, and help you make a deeper connection with the right audience. Everything we do is focused on delivering strong, beautifully crafted solutions. And we’re here to see them through.

Founded in 2018, Soo Yeah Studio is fuelled by the creative vision of Vanessa Karabegovic, Owen MacCoughlan, and Ryan MacCoughlan. With an extensive blend of commercial and global expertise in the realms of branding, design, and art direction, our trio forms the dynamic core of our design agency.

Backed by a talented and diverse network of creatives, we operate as a nimble and passionate design studio. We thrive on collaboration, fully immersing ourselves in the ideation and realisation of ambitious design projects. Our ethos is rooted in the belief that great design transcends boundaries, and we are committed to bringing fresh, innovative, and aesthetically captivating ideas to life.

Owen MacCoughlan
Co-Founder & Director
Vanessa Karabegovic
Co-Founder & Director
Ryan MacCoughlan
We value the power of long-term relationships founded on trust and understanding. We are committed to being there for you and we love to help our clients’ businesses flourish. Soo Yeah, we’re here to make you look good.